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We are mobile wellness and yoga teachers in Penticton!

We curate unique yoga experiences for your important life events;
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We are Pain Care Aware, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga and Aerial yoga certified, registered, & insured 500 hour mobile yoga instructors in Penticton, BC.

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Private, mobile wellness and yoga teacher in Penticton.


Having experienced living in many regions of BC, Natasha is grateful to have landed in Penticton with her 3 children and soulmate.

Tasha is an experience seeking lover of life who weaves yoga and wellness into her daily life every chance she gets! She can be found dancing in forests of music, floating in the waters of Mother Earth and star gazing listening to our Moon. Gardening barefoot, hanging upside down, being creative & crafty, travelling and bringing her family and friends together to share in laughter bring her moments of pure joy. She volunteers as a Butterflyway Ranger with the David Suzuki Foundation and is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.

As a life long student, Natasha’s path has guided her to the most amazing teachers who have inspired her to share her love of yoga, wellness, sound and crafting with others. This collective love of yoga, wellness and sound shines through in her creative classes and mindful workshops offering all levels of students variety to explore the road-map of oneself. Relax and release on your well known comfortable path or venture off-piste to discover and be challenged by something new with Tasha by your side.

Drawing from lived experience, 500+ hours of yoga training, Pain Care Aware, Aerial Yoga and Prenatal Yoga certifications and Sound Healing training, Natasha hopes to facilitate yoga, wellness, sound and mindfulness experiences for those who have answered the call to be on a path of self-love, connection, and fun!

Yoga teacher in Penticton.


Yoga came in and out of my life since I was 18, when my volleyball coach, Jen Wheaton, introduced me to the joys of Sun Salutations for a warmup. The next year I went to NAIT, played basketball and took a Personal Training Certificate, where the idea that BOTH physical and mental health take daily effort began to form in my very young, easily distracted mind. I continued to search, not entirely sure what I was searching for, travelling and living out of backpacks and pannier bags for the majority of my twenties. 

It was upon returning from one of these adventures, because I was expecting…and I REALLY needed a bran muffin, which I was having difficulty finding in Vietnam, that yoga became something more than a video done in my living room or as a warm-up to some athletic endeavour I was pursuing. 

In 2010, in Penticton, I was walking around stupified in the baby section when I bump into Tasha, who also happened to be pregnant, and her magnificent mom, Barb. Well, that was it! Tasha and I just clicked and that year joined prenatal yoga together. That was when yoga completely changed for me. Yoga taught me to embrace exactly where I was at and as my body and hormones were changing incredibly at this time, yoga allowed me compassion and joy as my body grew my, as it turned out, not so little, bundle of joy. (9 pounds, 11 ounces if you were wondering). Yoga also surrounded me with other people trying to find peace and joy in their bodies and love in their hearts.

For the past 13 years we have raised and grew our families together, have practiced yoga anywhere and anytime we could, have taken Yoga Teacher Trainings together and learned little ways of fitting yoga into a busy life of family, friends, work and play and we’d like to share these learnings with you!

I am a RYT 500, who specializes in Kids & Family Yoga, Teen Yoga,  Kids Yoga for Adults, Yoga for the Workforce, Beginners Yoga and have completed Level 2 Pain Care Aware Training and Prenatal Yoga instruction. 

Darcie and Natasha have completed over 2000+ hours (conservatively speaking) of BFY (Best Friend Yoga) together and are well on their way to their 10,000 hour goal!

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