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Join us for a magical collaboration with Tahea from Wild and Free Yogini in Penticton on Saturday, August 26th. This 3 hour event from 7pm – 10pm at OKGN Livin Florals & Boutique by Funky Petals will focus on releasing stress and restoring peace within ourselves.

A Yogi’s Night Out is an inclusive workshop that utilizes many different healing tools such as:

• Connection – Connect, share stories and meet new friends while supporting locals in our community

• Yin Yoga – Passive, longer held poses aimed at relaxing the deepest connective tissues of the body

• Yoga Nidra – Focuses on entering a deep state of conscious relaxation or yogic sleep through meditation

• Reiki – Intended to guide the flow of healthy energy through one’s body to reduce stress and promote healing

Sound Bath – Help the body return to its own unique vibrational balance through different sound frequencies

Whether you are coming out because you need help finding peace within, or you want something fun and relaxing to do with or without friends, we hope that you will leave this event feeling centered and peaceful, and with a little gift bag full of goodies!

More Event Info:

Traumas, stress, depression, insomnia, and physical pain and/or injuries, can be debilitating, not to mention, can cause major health issues. That’s why it is important to take care of our mind, body and soul.

Talk therapy is important, but we also hold onto stress and trauma in our muscles, so it is just important to calm our nervous systems and stretch our traumas/stress out of our muscles, as it is to participate in psychotherapy programs. It is also important, and nearly imperative, that we are involved in healthy practices, such as fitness, meditation and spiritual practices, when we are in a good place with our mind, body and soul. When we maintain our healthy living practices while we are in a good place, it makes it easier to turn to healthy coping skills in the midst of chaos.

Funky Petals wanted to gift our guest with a glass of champagne, or non-alcoholic bubblies, and a charcuterie board, to start the evening off. This will give our guests time to mingle with like-minded individuals. At 8pm, Tahea will start the workshop with Yin Yoga. Yin yoga focuses on yogic expressions that stretch and lengthen your muscles, in order to improve your range of motions, as well as to release any tension, trauma and stress that is stored in the targeted muscles.

There will be a short bathroom break before Tahea transitions into leading a yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is a meditation practice that uses imagery to bring the participants into a deep state of tranquility. This practice will be done laying down, with your eyes closed while listening to your instructors verbal instructions.

Before closing the practice, our special guest from Steady Effort Yoga & Wellness, Natasha, will perform a sound bath to release any extra energetic block(s).

Early Bird Tickets: $80

After August 20th, tickets sales increase to: $100

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