Client individual results may vary. When dealing with physical illness, mental illness or disease, always consult a qualified physician or therapist prior to your session. All services provided by Steady Effort Yoga & Wellness are not the practice of psychotherapy or medicine and are, therefore, not intended as a replacement for counselling, medical, psychiatric or psychotherapy treatment.

Please read through the following cautions for sound healing and consult your doctor prior to a sound experience if any of the below contraindications are applicable to your health: Pregnancy, epilepsy, implanted cardiac pacemaker, artificial heart valve, stent, shunt or defibrillator, cardiac arrhythmias, carotid atherosclerosis, carotid stenosis, deep brain stimulation device (DBS), thrombi, open wounds, acute inflammations and tumours, metallic implant and screws, artificial joints, whiplash

Everything on Earth and up into the heavens and beyond has a vibratory motion that creates sound, whether our human ears hear it or not. From the tiniest mosquito wings to the largest planet, we all have a vibrational frequency.

Our overall state of health is produced by the steady relationships between our body, mind and spirit. If these relationships are out of sync with each other, then a cycle of dis-ease and impairment could arise. Sound therapy helps to intervene and break the cycle creating an opportunity for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to re-connect in harmony with one another.

“The human body…is a well-organized entity. Like all objects, it radiates sound waves and creates sonic fields. Each individual has his/her/their own different pattern or collection of tones and frequencies. Each of us plays our own unique melody and creates our own unique harmony, as part of the universal harmony.” ~ Stephen Halpern