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What is a Custom Yoga & Wellness Experience?

A Custom Yoga & Wellness Experiences is a unique experience for you and your group that is curated around your interests, your tastes or your special event.

Combine Any of the Following for Your Unique Event:

Examples of Experiences

“My co-workers and I are very grateful to Steady Effort and their ability to offer us semi-private, custom yoga classes that worked around ALL 7 of our schedules. We could not find a studio that offered the level of yoga we were hoping to practice at a convenient time for all of us.  Natasha and Darcie taught classes that kept us engaged, challenged and present. They made us feel welcome, safe and comfortable so that we were able to ask questions and share in some laughs together as co-workers. This isn’t the first time we’ve hired them for our group nor will it be the last. Thank you Steady Effort for being a part of our workplace wellness goals.

Jessica & Crystal

Experience durations and costs are variable based on what type of activities you choose to do and for how long you want to do them. You can choose 1 or any combination of activities, kind of like choosing your own wellness adventure! For example:

A local orthodontist office requested a team building day for their staff. They settled in by all helping make a herbal friendship tea to drink, explored animal oracle cards and shared our most current read book. They were then led through a moving chocolate meditation followed by mindfully crafting their own essential oil diffusing gemstone bracelets. The workshop was topped off with a 1 hour yoga class and all left with ‘thank you for coming’ take home friendship tea. This experience was for 12 people and took 4 hours.

A woman wanted all of her favourite people together to celebrate her, 37th ‘Hippie Birthday to Me’ themed birthday party. After all of her friends arrived and got settled they began by co-creating a tie-dyed tank top for her to take home. While they snacked and shared a cup of tea they learned about the aerial hammocks and got to choose their favourite colour to play in. The group was led through a beginners aerial class to get the wiggles out in preparation for an anti-gravity sound journey (sound bath using a variety of instruments while floating in hammock). All friends were sent home with birthday girl themed book marks, stickers and a tumbled gemstone of choice. This experience was for 7 people and took 2 hours.

Please inquire for your unique wellness experience package.

How to Book

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