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What is a Sound Journey?

A sound journey, sound bath, sound immersion, sound meditation or sound shower is an experience where you are laying, sitting or floating in aerial hammocks and different instruments are played around you. The vibrations from the instruments flow through your body and allow you to become deeply relaxed so tension may be released. Sound Healing is used to alleviate symptoms caused by many conditions and everyone’s experience is different. A common response is a very relaxed and peaceful feeling whereas some people have visualizations and emotional breakthroughs. The healing vibrations may help reduce stress, anxiety and mood fluctuations which leads to improved sleep. New things may emerge in each sound session.

What you can expect from a Sound Bath in Penticton:

Connect with us to book a time and location of your choice or see our upcoming events.

Invite your group of friends, family, co-workers, staff or students to enjoy this experience with.

Choose how you will allow your body to rest for the duration of the sound bath:

  • Build a nest on the floor (mats, blankets, bolsters, cushions) and settle in OR
  • Relax in your favourite chair or on a sofa OR
  • Float weightlessly in an aerial hammock

Move your body through a few basic stretches to get the wiggles out allowing your body to slow down and settle for the sound journey (optional).

Experience a mind, breath and body connection, deep relaxation of the body and mind through an array of instruments and enter a restorative state for energy healing and transformation.

Receive a break from electronic devices as they are silenced or turned off.

Opportunity for self-reflection and community connections before and after the sound journey over tea, oracle cards and journaling.

For more information, see our FAQs page.

We look forward to sharing a sound journey with you.

Sound healing in Penticton in aerial hammocks.

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. The care and love that went into it made it so special, your aerial yoga instruction was excellent and I honestly haven’t felt as relaxed in a very long time as I did during the sound bath.”

Louise K.

How to Book

Fill in the form below to request a date and time and we’ll go from there to plan you a private or group sound journey! Do you want a sound experience at your home or workplace? We are mobile and would love to bring sound to you!

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