partner & couples yoga

Partner & Couples Yoga

What is Partner or Couples Yoga?

Couples yoga helps you stay present and in the moment by creating a focal point that is your partner. You will learn to move through a yoga practice together and sync with each other on multiples levels.  From the support of your partner, you can relax deeper into poses, experience a new stretch and explore your edge in poses you’ve done a hundred times!

Partner Yoga is one of the best ways to connect with anyone you want to foster a deeper connection with, be it your best friend, your lover, your daughter, son, mom, whomever!

This is our favourite type of yoga to share with others! Guaranteed FUN!

Our Partner/Couples Yoga Experiences in Penticton May Include:

  • Partner yoga poses/asanas
  • Partner breath work/pranayama
  • Thai massage techniques
  • Sound Healing
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Laughter
  • Connection

We love, love, love partner yoga and are excited to teach you new ways to create connection, share some laughs and experience pure joy!

“We have always enjoyed classes led by Darcie and Tash individually so we were thrilled to take a partner yoga class led by both of them! The class was such a lovely way to spend quality time with my sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. Darcie and Tash did a great job making the class comfortable, creative, and fun while also making it challenging enough to keep things interesting! We highly recommend their classes for yogis of any level. Their creativity, joy, and authenticity will leave you feeling refreshed and revived!”

BJ & Sean

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