prenatal & partner yoga

Prenatal & Partner Yoga

What is Prenatal Yoga?

During this time of great change, (minute to minute/day to day) prenatal yoga is a powerful practice that brings awareness to both Mom and Dad’s physical, mental and emotional states of well being.

Yes, yoga helps alleviate aches and pains and strengthens and stretches us out, but it also teaches us the tools to be where we are at in the present moment (not where we were before pregnancy or after our new bundle of joy has arrived) It teaches us to notice, connect and discern what is best for us, our body, our partner and our baby right now.

Having experienced a variety of births between us, we are so passionate about sharing our love of prenatal yoga, partner yoga and Thai massage with you.

A Partner & Prenatal Yoga Workshop May Include:

  • Prenatal yoga poses/asanas
  • Partner yoga poses/asanas
  • Thai massage techniques
  • Helpful labour tools – vocal toning, contraction relief techniques etc.
  • Breath work/Pranayama exercises
  • Prenatal yoga general guidelines
  • Sound Healing
  • Aerial Yoga
  • Connection

We look forward to helping you foster a daily routine of self love and deep connection through these prenatal yoga practices.

“My husband and I attended a wonderful prenatal yoga class with Tash and Darcie. They were super supportive in my limited mobility with being 32 weeks pregnant and made me feel capable and comfortable with lots of different poses, blocks and cushions when I needed. My husband and I both feel much more prepared for our home birth with the breathing, vocal toning and confidence in each other. I recommend to every expecting couple or mother to attend the prenatal yoga class to help recognize our birthing power from within and to feel strong and trust in our bodies that we are capable with the proper breathing and support from our partners. I look forward to using many of the poses and breathing patterns I learnt for my upcoming birth!

Jen & Brayden

Photo by: Sydney Wood

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