private yoga

Private Yoga

Reasons Why Private or Semi-Private Yoga May Work For You?

  • You have a specific mental/physical goal you’re working towards
  • You are an athlete and want to enhance your training
  • You are trying to learn new and challenging poses
  • You find it difficult to get to a studio but are looking for the community and connection yoga brings
  • You would feel more comfortable practicing in the comfort of your own home or office space
  • You’d like more direction from your yoga teacher and are uncomfortable asking around other people
  • You’d prefer to practice with only 1-2 other people that you know

There are so many reasons why semi-private and private yoga classes are valuable. We would love to help you achieve your goals!

What you can expect from Private Yoga in Penticton:

  • Deepen Your Practice At Any Level
  • Personalized Classes
  • At Your Convenience
  • Have Your Questions Answered During Sessions
  • Physical Assists (Optional)
  • Learn Modifications and How to Use Props
  • Linking Your Breath to Your Movement
  • Great For All Experience Levels
  • Learn to bring your practice anywhere

I’ve been doing private yoga classes with Tasha for a few months now, and its been so influential to my life. She has curated a custom practice to help stretch and improve my flexibility while paying close attention to my hip and back pain. After four sessions I’m virtually pain free, I can’t believe the results, being pain free has changed my life. I’d recommend yoga to anyone who experiences body aches and pains but I highly recommend Tasha for her knowledge in pain management and her custom tailored practice made just for you.

Sarah Appleton

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