Connect with us to book a time and location of your choice or see our upcoming events.

Invite your group of friends, family, co-workers, staff or students to enjoy this experience with.

Choose how you will allow your body to rest for the duration of the sound bath:

  • Build a nest on the floor (mats, blankets, bolsters, cushions) and settle in OR
  • Relax in your favourite chair or on a sofa OR
  • Float weightlessly in an aerial hammock (please inquire)

Move your body through a few basic stretches to get the wiggles out allowing your body to slow down and settle for the sound journey (optional).

Experience a mind, breath and body connection, deep relaxation of the body and mind through an array of instruments and enter a restorative state for energy healing and transformation.

Receive a break from electronic devices as they are silenced or turned off.

Opportunity for self-reflection and community connections before and after the sound journey over tea, oracle cards and journaling.

We look forward to sharing a sound journey with:

  • Yourself and/or loved ones in the comfort of your own home or outdoor location (weather permitting)
  • Your staff at your office as a part of your workplace wellness program
  • Your youth group or classroom to introduce alternative wellness modalities

Or for many other important events in your life such as your:

  • Wedding Day
  • Wedding Shower – Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Anniversaries & Date Nights
  • Gatherings & Reunions
  • Outdoor & Sporting Events
  • Arts & Music Festivals
  • Team Building Days
  • Workplace Wellness Programs
  • Youth & Specialized Groups