Project Description

Mindful crafting is a moving meditation practice that brings you into the present moment. It pairs traditional meditation’s acts and goals with calm, repetitive movements. Instead of sitting still and your mind monkeying about, mindful crafting requires slow and deliberate movements.  It is an opportunity to connect with your creative self and gain a deeper appreciation for your finished project.

Moving meditations and mindful crafting have the ability to distract our thinking, rational mind and the “crafting” process (painting, knitting, beading etc) brings us to the present and into the creative frequency which is inherently a higher vibration.

Mindful crafting is a fun, creative way to bring mindfulness practices into your day and it is a gentle introduction to a more traditional meditation practice. It is also good for those who have a hard time sitting still or find peace in action.

By slowing down and dedicating time and energy to each step of building your project, you are able to fully experience and savour the actions.

Benefits of Moving Meditations:

  • Strengthens your mind-body-present moment connection
  • Boosts mental health by allowing the mind to focus and bring peace of mind (not overthinking, excessively planning or comparing oneself on social media)
  • Potentially can reduce blood pressure and stress levels through breath, movement and the connection of what is going on around you
  • Releases stagnant energy and helps you feel centred emotionally, physically and mentally

Mindful Crafting Projects:

  • Learn How to Make and Use Your Own Mala/Prayer Beads
  • Create Your Own Gemstone Earrings or Essential Oil Diffusing Wood Earrings
  • Bead Your Own Essential Oil Diffusing Gemstone Bracelet
  • Design a Gemstone Eyeglass Strap or Mask Strap
  • Build a Gemstone Bookmark or Zipper Pull
  • Learn How to Roll 100% Beeswax Tapered Candles
  • Macrame a Plant Holder

Book a private mindful crafting session for:

  • Yourself and/or loved ones in the comfort of your own home or outdoor location (weather and project permitting)
  • Your staff at your office as a part of your workplace wellness program
  • Your youth group or classroom to introduce alternative wellness modalities

Or for many other important events in your life such as your:

  • Wedding Day
  • Wedding Shower – Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Anniversaries & Date Nights
  • Gatherings & Reunions
  • Outdoor & Sporting Events
  • Arts & Music Festivals
  • Team Building Days
  • Specialized Groups

What you can expect from Mindful Crafting Session in Penticton:

  • Connect with us to book a time, setting and craft of your choice
  • Gather, share and laugh with friends, family, co-workers, staff, students etc.
  • Have space and time to connect to your creative self and try something new – You may surprise yourself!
  • Learn what a moving meditation is, how they work and a chance to practice yourself
  • Be guided through the craft of your choosing as a moving meditation. All supplies required are included in the experience cost.
  • Feel proud of your finished craft whether for yourself or as a gift for someone you love

We look forward to sharing a mindful crafting experience with you.